Thesis film Sunset City




I directed this film, did the storyboards, animation keyframes, background and all the post effects.



A experimental animation about a woman and her friend travel through dream and death.


Ann comes to visit her friend who works in a nursery. Even though her friend Sera executes all her jobs well, Sera seems be indifferent with her work and the children. Therefore, Ann and Sera take a rest and talk about the world’s End. Sera shows her pessimistic view about future. Everything is not what it looks like. After Ann falls asleep. She sees Sera’s true feeling about life and the truth about herself. Sera’s depression has reason.


I always want to make a film about dream and death. Two very important elements of everyone’s life. Sometimes, I feel dream is more real than reality. Because reality is actually just a series of facts. It doesn’t really have logic itself. When my friend and my family member died, it just suddenly happens and doesn’t have any meaning in it. Things always won’t come out like what people thought, planed and expected. It is just what it is. I feel the efforts that human put to make everything reasonable and rational is bound to fail. The reasons they gave for life are just for themselves. But dream has its own logic. It shows what kind of person that dreamer really is. And the way dream builds itself is brilliant and beyond human’s rational thought. That is why I feel dream is attractive to me. It reveals something mental and eternal. I made this animation because I want to make something that is personal and I won’t regret. Two main characters show two ways of living status. Sera is like normal people that living their lives but don’t like them. She hides her true emotion in heart until one day it explodes. That is why she hopes world comes to an end. She is not able to end her life at that time. I hope she walks out from this kind of mindset in the end.